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By Mark Peter

On Monday, November 30, 2015

black berry messanger is popular though not that much nut all i can say is that it is popular in some countries but not all but i believe with this review it will get as popular as it is ought to be.It is found here as well as the google play store for free and its main function is just to chat with the contacts that you have added to it.As you are chatting with friends it shows if they are online or not and if they are offline what was the last time that they were seen online for example ten hours ago.You can send attachments to your contacts for example photos and also videos and also make free calls so long as the other person has the bbm app on their mobile device so kindly download this much if you are tired of the calling rates like the way i am tired of them and encourage the other person also to download it so that you can be calling each other for free.


  • it is easy to install and set it up
  • free calls can be made over here


  • it aint that popular i think
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Communication using mobile devices has become one of the most attractive ways for getting in touch with your friends, thanks to the fast messaging speeds and the possibilities this kind of software provides. For this reason, BlackBerry has ported its own communication tool to download for Android and iPhone under the name BBM for BlackBerry Messenger. Developed by the same manufacturer, this mobile application promises an always online connection and some sharing features that are not available for most of its competitors.

BBM maintains the way you can add new contacts to your list, by sharing your own PIN code. Many users ultimately prefer this system since it provides better privacy levels, by not allowing every person you have in your smartphone’s contact list to access your profile in the messaging app. This way you can have better control than with other programs that you have in your list, by enabling different filters for this system.

This BBM mobile software features an always online function along with a unique interface, similar to that of the original BlackBerry system.

This BBM mobile software features an always online function along with a unique interface, similar to that of the original BlackBerry system. The touch design includes the possibility of sliding different windows for accessing the settings menu, contact list and additional functions. In general terms, the BBM design is very intuitive, but it is optimized especially for those mobile devices with big screens, since with displays less than 4”, BBM may not be so comfortable to use.

Funny ways to get in touch with your friends
Funny ways to get in touch with your friends

More than just text messages

Most of smartphone users rely on messages for communicating with their contacts, but BBM includes a service for voice calling without external complements to download. This service, called BBM Voice allows its users to perform regular calls over IP, completely online, so it is highly recommendable to use this option while you are connected to a Wi-Fi network for saving on your data plan. This 2-way communication option operates in a similar way to other VoIP applications, which tends to function really well.

BBM includes its own custom designed stickers and emoticons, so that you can show your mood in different ways. Sending photos, sharing your location in real-time and also making voice notes in an instant makes this BBM very handy once you get used to using it. The location feature, for example, uses your GPS to share your position in a map of the area you are in at that moment, and you can share this information for a limited time, of your choosing.

Although the privacy settings with PIN and bidi codes for adding your people to BBM is in some ways strict, you can join other conversations meeting new people BBM channels. These multi-person chat rooms are classified as thematic channels, for writing about music, sports and TV shows in a simple way.

Share your location for a limited time
Share your location for a limited time

BBM Features

Check the main features of BBM for your smartphone:

  • Add new contacts with your personal PIN code instead of sharing your own phone number
  • BBM voice allows free voice calls over IP connected to a Wi-Fi network or with your Internet Mobile data plan
  • Chat in real time with everybody in the BBM channels and share your likes
  • Share your current location, photos and voice notes with just a simple tap on the touchscreen
  • Charming stickers for showing your mood in chat groups up to 50 friends

For additional details before the download of the file, be free to check the official website of BBM through this link.

Talk about what you are interested in the different channels
Talk about what you are interested in the different channels

System Requirements

Check the compatible systems for BBM and its minimum requirements:

  • OS: Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later for BBM Voice, iOS 6.0 or later
  • Size: 49.9MB free space