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Technology has evolved dramatically these last few years, and that is something we have come to appreciate in the way we work and the way we make use of our hardware. With the irruption of online cloud storage services, people don’t need to go around with flash memory drives in order to keep their information with them. cCloud manages the files you have on your computer and synchronizes these archives with the unique cloud service it offers, with a free 10GB from the moment you take up the solution, available until the first 90 days passes. Developed by Comodo, this service offers a quick way for saving and accessing your backup data with a simple download.

There are similar services to cCloud, and it is difficult to choose between them, since all of them seem to offer good features and are based on the same principles, such as interactive accessibility. For this reason, one of the things that makes cCloud stand out from the others is the variety of systems for which it is released, for the Windows Operating System for desktop and laptop computers, and also for smartphones running Android and iOS, from which you can download your own content.

One of the things that make cCloud stand out from the others is the variety of systems for which it is released

The interface is just the same as the system so this won’t affect the users. The program ensures the dragging feature for moving files to the dropzone in which the archives will be automatically synchronized with the server. For mobile devices, cCloud will show all the data as a classic system explorer, which is intuitive and interactive.

A view of the mobile app
A view of the mobile app

How to use

The download and installation of this application on your computer will add a new virtual drive to your system from which you will have direct access to all the content you upload to the online service. This cloud-based option, using the virtualization of the cloud drive as if it were a local component of the system, lets users use cCloud in a more comfortable way without too many complications, just by being connected to the Internet.

The different uses for cCloud include uploading a backup of your files, creating an accessible folder, and giving permissions for different collaborators, partners or employees of a company. This way, important files, will be safe, avoiding malware and other kinds of threats to your local computer. The management of this space in the cloud service is performed almost exactly as if it were a local folder on your computer.

cCloud Features

Check the main features of cCloud:

  • Online cloud service available for different devices at the same time by synchronizing content
  • Use it for your own purposes, uploading backups of your personal files or just for easy accessible storage
  • Share folders with your partners for a better collaboration having the same storage service
  • Different data plans according to your needs and use you think is better for you
  • Personal and private data, including a great SSL-encrypted connection to avoid data leaks

For further information, feel free to check its official website through this link.

Available options for each file
Available options for each file

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements for your system:

  • OS: Android 2.2, iOS 6.1 or Windows XP
  • Size: 25MB free space for Windows and 10MB for mobile systems


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