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Protect your computer and your family with Avira Antivirus Suite

By Jane Middleburg

On Monday, April 28, 2014

If you have to trust the security of your computer to an antivirus application, it is better to trust one that knows about its business. Avira Antivirus Suite protects your system against any kind of malware, and besides it includes a vast number of utilities for your computer in order to optimize its resources and improve the performance of the machine. If you have an Android device, the protection will be expanded to your mobile smartphone thanks to the new features included in this new version. The different tools included will grant prevention against viruses that can get into your system through different files you download from diverse webpages.

Avira ensures the protection of your personal data with anti-phishing tools for preventing data thefts. Additionally it intercepts any kind of potential malicious software thanks to the virus database with all the known threats at this moment. You can set a firewall provided in the software in order to enhance the protection with active tools. Additionally, you can set filters for avoiding content that you won’t want to be in your system, not only of general websites but also for social networks. Be safe once and for all thanks to the Avira Antivirus Suite for your system.


  • Complete protection for your computer
  • Includes Firewall and Social Networks protection
  • Prevent personal data form being stolen


  • It is better to be used alongside with and additional antivirus
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Avira has released its own security suite for ensuring the protection of your home systems. Avira Antivirus Suite includes all the necessary tools and functions for staying safe against malware and viruses in general that can threaten your devices while you are connected or while you download an infected file. This powerful antivirus improves the overall function of previous Avira editions, with a built-in backup function and real-time protection.

This Antivirus Suite by Avira includes additions and improvements using the latest technology tools for fighting against new menaces that can appear online at any time. For this reason, the functionality to protect against malware, password anti-theft tools, and anti-phishing functions, as well as the usual anti-spyware and rootkit functions, are the basic tools this suite includes in order to provide the security that users need. The software automatically detects any kind of menace to the system, analyzing the files used while it is active, which means it requires a computer with enough memory for keeping it active.

The software automatically detects any kind of menace to the system, analyzing the files used while it is active

Avira releases within this suite the possibility of enhancing the protection of your Android mobile devices along with your computer system. This new function includes an antispam tool for your smartphone and avoids phishing and other potential threats that may put your personal information at risk. These functions, along with the same online tools for desktop computers and tablets make this suite really reassuring in general terms.

Your computer safe in real-time
Your computer safe in real-time

Let your worries go away

The main aspect of Avira Antivirus Suite that its users will find that it's really simple to use. With these kinds of advanced tools, some users would panic at having to learn how to use new and complicated functions, but not in this case since it is a worry-free utility. Once you have it installed, the real-time scanning process for the download of archives, the notifications in case of a menace, and the one-click repair tool for your system will make them safe enough.

This Avira’s suite includes a function for getting your own network protected, in order to avoid any system connected to your network being infected by malware. This way you can ensure that no trojans or any kind of virus will spread through your network. Additionally, the security software includes better privacy configuration, blocking potentially dangerous sites, adware, snoops, trackers and spyware.

Set the conditions of the scan process
Set the conditions of the scan process

Avira Antivirus Suite 2014 Features

Check the main features for this Avira Antivirus Suite:

  • Online real-time security preventing your system from being infected by malware in any of its forms from downloaded files
  • Compatible with mobile devices, increasing its range for protecting all of your home devices
  • Powerful AntiAd/Spyware that will avoid any menace to your personal information
  • Intercepts any malicious websites before the connection is made
  • Protects the shared folders that you may have in your local network

For additional information about the software, feel free to visit product’s webpage through this link.

All set for your system
All set for your system's safety

System Requirements

Check the minimum specifications for running Avira Antivirus Suite:

  • Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3 for 32-bit or later, Android 2.2 or later
  • Processor: 1GHz or faster
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • Hard Disk: 150MB free space