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The best high end security solution at an affordable price..!

By Sachin Titus

On Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Avira, being one of the most popular security solutions brand is stepping to a higher lane where big sharks like Kaspersky play, with their new Avira Family Protection Suite(2014), a high end security software. Avira guarantees not only a cent percent anti-virus protection, but also keeps children away from online adult contents. This software is free to try, but, costs nearly $30 for complete protection.

The setup is very simple so that even noobs can install the software without any confusion. The UI is not as simple as we see in Kaspersky products. But, In case of protection, Avira keeps their promise. This software can protect you from almost all kind of threats like Trojans and malwares online and offline. Also, Avira keeps the dog alive by providing daily updates. But, you should give up a part of system and network performance for real-time analysis. For ordinary users, it may not be observable. It becomes frustrating if you are a gamer or you have a slow internet connection. I have observed lags even in my i5 powered system when conducting full scans. Scanning speed is very pathetic when compared to Kaspersky Pure.

The software features a network watcher, named as ‘Alerts Engine’ which helps parents secretly track their young ones’ online activities including social networks. Experience showed that the tool utilizes word search and skin tone detection to spot pornographic or adult contents. The tool is efficient enough to track not only your child’s social activities, but also unsafe contents from their friends. Thus the software becomes a boon for parents (or home users). Only a few frustrations were found during the test. i.e., the tool sometimes alerts even if the site is safe or when you download applications with extraordinary names. For example, when you download ‘sdkfjlsdlsjsexl.jpg’, the software may prevent you from using it because the word ‘sex’ is there in filename.


The critical usage showed that even though the software is worth money even with small expected frustrations. The price is not as high as the software comes with multi device protection and many useful features. In my opinion, this is the best security software for home users.


  • Shields your family from phishing with multi device protection
  • The best security software at its price range
  • Parental control helps parents track their young one's online activities
  • Daily updates keeps the software powerful


  • Can cause lag in games
  • Real-time analysis slows down your internet speed
  • Not as powerful as Kaspersky Pure
  • Takes long time to make full scans
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Avira family protection suite user review for PHP nuke by James Meyette

By James Meyette

On Friday, August 22, 2014

Avira is an anti virus software that has options for use both at home and in the office. Users are able to use a free version of Avira that doesn't have all of the functionality but includes all of the basics allowing you to keep your computer safe and secure from Trojans and other malicious programs

Avira has features such as web browsing protection, secure online shopping, safe downloads more than what your standard Operating System offers, System speed up including its own functionality, such as Junk removal, File Encryption and freeing up memory. Another big feature is the driver updater which enables avira users to keep all of their drivers up to date without having to take the time to do so manualy.

Overall the package as a whole is well worth the price if you are thinking about upgrading from the free version to the pro version my suggestion to you would be to go for it.


  • Clean and easy to use
  • Simple setup that is done after installation


  • Free version doesn't include all of the functionality (though the product is worth the price)
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Avira is a company that has focused on computer security and related data safety issues since its foundation. For this reason, all its efforts have come to fruition with the creation of different suites in order to fulfil the needs of its users. On this occasion, Avira Family Protection Suite offers a complete collection of utilities for keeping your computer safe against any kind of virus or file downloaded from the Internet. The award-winning security company Avira offers this antivirus according to its credentials and reputation for good work, which make it a very recommendable suite for all the family.

This protection suite has been optimized to the extreme so as not to waste your computer’s resources, making the most of your hardware without suffering lag or delays to requested actions. As with any other antivirus application, it may lower your Internet speed due to the real-time analysis that it will perform for each element that could get into your system. This way you can prevent malware from getting installed which may corrupt your data, as well as spyware, trojans or rootkits that can ruin the correct performance of your system.

The main objective of this software besides its system’s protection is also to keep the younger members of your family safe from dangerous content

However, the main objective of this software besides its system’s protection is also to keep the younger members of your family safe from dangerous content they can find on different websites and social networks. You can enable filters to avoid and prevent this content on your computer, and thanks to the alerts engine the application will warn you about adult content on the website, and with the filter enabled it won’t show it. This way, safe browsing for your children is ensured without the need for constant parental supervision.

You system is now secure
You system is now secure

A complete suite for your family

Besides working really well with your computer, the Avira Family Protection Suite includes multi-device protection for any of your home devices, regardless of its use, computer, smartphone or tablet. This way you will be sure, no matter which device you will surf the net with, that you will be protected from malware with antiphishing tools. The negative point is that this time the suite does not include an antispam function, so its usability is somewhat reduced in this way.

The best thing about this antivirus suite is that it also enhances the performance of your computer, thanks to the included speedup function. So, including the virus removal tools, the adware protection and the parental control components, this antivirus suite really enhances the security of the systems on your home network.

Check each website before visiting it
Check each website before visiting it

Avira Family Protection Suite Features

Check the main features for Avira Family Protection Suite:

  • Family protection with Safe Browsing, Activities and Alerts Engine as well as Photos Engine that detects if the content is appropriate for the younger members of the house
  • Real-time tools for the analysis of your local and network drives and files
  • Additional functionalities with the free Avira Search toolbar for the Browser Tracking Blocker and more tools without more elements to download
  • Multi-device protection against any kind of virus, rootkit or malware in general
  • Enhances the performance of your system without advanced configurations

For further information and details, feel free to visit the official product’s webpage.

System Requirements

Check the minimum specifications for this software:

  • Operating System: Windows SP2 32-bit or SP3 64-bit or later, Android mobile OS 2.2
  • CPU: 1GHz or higher
  • Memory: 512MB RAM for 32-bit and 1GB for 64-bit
  • Size: 150MB free space on disk