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Be The Best Photo Editor With The Best Editing Tools

By Kyle Daniels

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It’s when you capture your photos and it seems that there is something lacking on it, maybe the color of the subject or maybe just the weak composition of the whole photo. There are really lots of editing tools in the market in today’s time. Most of them offers almost the same kinds of tools and sometimes even gives some users hard time because of its complicated interface.

When it comes to simplicity and quality, I use Anymix Photo Magic. This editing tool is the simplest tool that I have ever used. Simple as it may appear but it can really create a high quality photo. What I love about this application is that it has unlimited ways on how users can edit their photos through its background effects and colors. The toolbar’s icons are also easy to understand that is why this application really sets apart from other editing applications. Another great feature is that the filters are really of great help in giving emphasis on the subject of your photographs.

This editing application really works best for me. I highly advice this to everyone.


  • All tools are easy to use
  • There are many background effects


  • Application slows down when many effects are used
Ease to access guides and manuals:




There are many kinds of tools that are available for image editing applications that are downloadable from all over the Internet. These packs that you can get online add new functions and tools that are not provided by default in these programs, so if you want to check and use them you need to get the pack installed as an additional plugin. Anymix Photo Magic is a set of these tools that you use alongside your version of Adobe Photoshop in order to add new easy-to-use filters and tools.

Although most of the photo applications include their own suite of tools by default, some users may miss more automatic functions for retouching images. In this case, once you have installed the application on your system, it will appear beside the main editing software you use as an additional floating tool window. This plug-in element does not get inserted in the application, but works separately from the main interface. This way it allows using Photoshop with the default tools without the need to use Anymix Photo Magic 5.1 in case you want to avoid it.

The addition of this software to the high number of tools makes some functions easier, such as the automatic skin retouching function

The addition of this software to the high number of tools that the main application contains just only increases the uses and makes some functions easier, such as automatic skin retouching function. All the functions included are really easy to use and include many ways to customize the available effects you can apply to your pictures.

How to use

Anymix Photo Magic provides a complete set of tools that make it even easier to create and retouch your own collection of photos. Amongst the useful elements in this plugin, you can find an automatic skin improvement tool, a high number of additional brushes for applying some special effects and a good variety of backgrounds and frames to add to your pictures.

Thanks to these tools, effects and filters you can save time without configuring and creating these helpful features. The use of these tools is really simple, just like the ones you have included in the main application. This way the use is not strange once you are used to Photoshop. The thing that you will want to check is the final results that the tools perform, but you are free to try all of them without limits, in order to improve how your image looks.

Automatic backgrounds for your images
Automatic backgrounds for your images

Anymix Photo Magic 5.1 Features

Here are listed the main features of Anymix Photo Magic for Windows:

  • New tools to download for enhancing the variety of your default image editing software
  • Advanced color correction and skin improvement for modifying your photographs
  • Improve your pictures and portraits with tools such as hair extract and the customized make up box
  • A complete collection of background effects to decorate pictures in your own way
  • Convert black & white photos into full color files with just a single function

For additional information before the download of this plugin, be free to visit the developer’s online website through this link.

System Requirements

Check the minimum specifications online for your computer to run this application:

  • Operating System: Window XP or later
  • Processor: Pentium 4 at 2GHz or faster
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Free Space: 61.9MB on disk