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Supercell has done it again! Seeking the level success enjoyed with the previous Clash of Clans, now comes the new Boom Beach trying to repeat the same formula, with some differences but overall, there are only a few small details that differentiate the two. Released for digital download only for iOS devices at the moment, the title promises action and real-time strategy in a cheerful parody of classic action movies.

In Boom Beach, you will have to fight against the Blackguard, the evil forces of the Lt. Hammerman, an evil man that wants to invade your beachhead territory and, literally shred your troops to ribbons. The main objective of this fearsome army is to collect crystals and statues for their incredible power, and you must fight against them not to let them conquer the entire world.

The title promises action and real-time strategy in a cheerful parody of classic action movies

The visual aspect of the game recalls to the previous Supercell app Clash of Clans, with the same colorful environments. The graphics are not impressive at all, just correct with simple animations for your troops and some effects for the different artillery actions and building destruction. The sound aspect follows the same philosophy, without a remarkable role. These aspects are simple but don’t interfere with the main aspect of the title; the detailed gameplay.

Be patient creating your base
Be patient creating your base

How to play

Boom Beach follows the same mechanics as other similar strategy games. You will need to collect different kinds of resources in order to get troops and build your base on the islands of the archipelago where you are placed. Fighting against the evil Blackguard bases, you can free those natives that have been captured, and you will get gold in the process as well as their collaboration with your cause.

The main aspect of Boom Beach is its multiplayer mode in which you can challenge all kinds of players for getting their resources. In order to do this, you need to be sure that you can win the battle since a suicide attack won’t work. Assemble a great army with different kinds of troops before you get to the enemy’s base. Get your soldiers into the landing craft, which will take you some time.

Although it is a free-to-play game, truth is that Boom Beach includes a heavy in-app component. All actions on this title require time, and in order to skip large waiting times you can spend the bought diamonds. This way you can construct buildings and train soldiers faster than without spending these currency items.

Get diamonds for having some advantages
Get diamonds for having some advantages

Boom Beach 13.63.1 Features

Check the features of Boom Beach for mobile devices:

  • Build and upgrade your entire base for greater defenses and more powerful technologies
  • Defeat the evil mysterious forces of the Blackguard and rescue the native islanders
  • Clash and compete against other players in the online multiplayer mode and get additional resources
  • Complete your buildings and troops using the extra diamonds you can get in single-player missions of through in-app purchases
  • Great variety for developing your base the way you want with powerful defenses in your beach
  • Send expeditionary forces to explore the islands that surround you to disable any dangers on these paradise islands

For further details about Boom Beach to download, check the official website through the developer’s link.

Attack them all!
Attack them all!

System Requirements

Check the minimum specs for your mobile device to run Boom Beach:

  • Operating System: iOS 7.0 or later
  • Size: 71MB free space


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