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HonorBound 1.71.47

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The introduction of mobile devices into the videogame scene has turned the classic genres of handheld and home consoles to live a new change in their concepts due to the features of these devices. HonorBound represents the change of the role-playing genre focused on this new market, proposing a fast paced gameplay and a classic storyline. Developed by JuiceBox Games, the app game is available to download free for Android and iOS systems alike.

Fight for your world engulfed by chaos and return it to what it was before. You have a mission to fulfill, but you are not alone during your journey. Choose the commander of your forces and recruit soldiers and creatures for fighting to your side. Bring the order once more by awakening the gods from their slumber and the cycle will return to its course.

HonorBound possesses a good visual design, with 2D animated cartoon characters. The different models show a good variety, from classic Knights and Vikings to beasts like Werewolves. That is one of the good parts of the game, as well as its simple sound effects that enhance the flow of the battles. HonorBound looks really great on mobile devices, and its mechanics merge perfectly with the game’s aspect.

Pick the commander you want
Pick the commander you want

How to play

At the beginning of HonorBound, you will be requested to pick one of the five available commanders. Each one of them possesses a different class, with their own unique stats and abilities. You can choose the Spirit Sentinel, Pyromancer, Celestial Sage, Sylvan Protector or the Shadow Knight, depending on your likes and the game style you want. Each one has an element associated with the class, so you have to have that in mind in order to strategize your tactics before a battle.

You can obtain more units for your squad while you progress through the game, from common melée warriors to legendary creatures that are at the top of the food chain. Forming a powerful team will lead you to easy victories, and you can even compete in the online multiplayer mode, such as in an MMORPG in which you can play along with your friends. The main game mode will take you to different thematic environments while you wander through the scenes the movement of the characters is guided, so there is not much room for exploring and discovering secrets.

With the multiplayer mode and the single player adventure, HonorBound belongs to the top of mobile gaming

Like in classic RPG, it is important to arrange a good tactical composition for your party. For this reason, you can strengthen your abilities researching in order to get additional skills. This research will require resources and time, which can be reduced thanks to in-app currency elements. The energy you can utilize will determine the actions you can take, like in any present mobile game. With the online mode and the single player adventure, HonorBound belongs to the top of mobile gaming to download.

Roam the scenarios and discover all their secrets
Roam the scenarios and discover all their secrets

HonorBound 1.71.47 Features

Here are listed the main features for HonorBound:

  • Turn-based MMORPG with a dynamic gameplay and quick battles
  • Fight against the reigning chaos of the world and awake the elemental gods from their slumber
  • Choose your powerful commander from 5 different types and unleash your abilities
  • Summon more than 100 different heroes to your team using their unique abilities
  • Compete against other players in the online Arena, brought from MMORPG games and make it to the top
  • Optimized for mobile touchscreens, showing each action as a single buttons

Feel free to visit the HonorBound developer’s official website and learn about the game and its team through this link before you get the download.

Fight and survive against dangerous enemies
Fight and survive against dangerous enemies

System Requirements

Check in this section the requirements for HonorBound:

  • OS: Android version 2.2 and up, iOS 6.0 or later
  • Size: 72MB free space