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Card Wars - Adventure Time 1.0.2




Welcome to Ooo where is cool to duel in Card Wars

By Chris Larrage

On Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When I first watched the chapter from the series I really wanted to join Finn and Jake in that awesome card game, and there it is! Card Wars – Adventure Time is the best approach of the original card game from the series that you would ever have in a mobile system. The graphic aspect is really similar to the original series. Almost all the main characters are present during the game in different stages, from Marceline to Ice King and even the Earl of Lemongrab with his unacceptable screams.

The game’s proposal is similar to other card games, but with more active role for the player since the damage will be decided thanks to a rolling roulette that the player must stop tapping on it. The cardboard is composed by tiles for creatures and tiles for lands. Each creature tile has a determined type which determines the cards you can set on it. Once you have played and practiced enough, you can create your own deck with the combinations you want and even craft your own cards with disposing those that you won’t need anymore. Be the coolest guy on the land of Ooo beating all its inhabitants.


  • A good and balanced card gameplay
  • Nice graphic aspect similar to the original TV show


  • I don’t like the energy system
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Adventure Time arrived. But this time with dynamic and funnycards

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, February 26, 2016

Card Wars is based on the great episode of the same name where we saw Finn and Jake play a duel of letters to the best Yu-Gi-Oh style! In the series they did not explain the rules and situations were so bizarre, so people Kung Fu Factory was primarily the task of creating a card game that were sustained by himself and was fun to play. They achieved it.

I will quickly explain the rules because it is not the intent of this review serve as a tutorial for the game. Our goal is to reduce the points of life of our opponent to 0, for it can use spells or creatures. The board is divided into 4 vertical rails and each monster can only attack in your lane, you have a rival monster face will hurt him as if we have a clear path to attack them directly life points. Each card we play or skill we use consume magic points in each turn recover these have -for standard 5 points but you can see altered by the effect of any letter-so think wisely what we will invest our points is key . The most powerful monsters eat more magic so play a single bug you can leave the rest of the totally free to enemy attack lanes.

When assembling the deck must choose what type of terrain we will use this limits the type of card that we can play, for example: Pig can only be called by corn fields. Speaking of land, on them we can also place buildings that are going to give you several strategic advantages throughout the game, such as retrieving the points of life of creatures that lane or increase the attack, etc.

Card Wars duels are usually short and exciting. While the complexity of the game is light years ahead of Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! is a very funny, original and ideal for those who have never ventured into this world either through ignorance or fear of not understanding anything TCG.

Each level has special objectives are rewarded with gems us to fulfill them. The gems are used to open the golden chest that we will deliver letters super-rare (and usually very powerful).


  • We found a beautiful 3D recreation of everything that happens on the screen whether competing characters and different letters that we play.
  • The real money is as a possible alternative for those who want


  • The Spanish translation is just awful
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i want to play games on this site so i can get the hang of it,and use it as a learning process my name is christopher henry barth iam 8 years old

  • to play,have fun,and get all the charachters cuse im my tablet doesent work and i really want to play this games cause is from adventure tim

  • To play the game adventure time card wors for tis reason beacose i am realy board so wat up do you now siri i do his a wonderful man hes silent

  • To play adventure time games they are fun and I really like Finn, and Jake. Maybe you could put in ads for those who don't have money to pay for the game..

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What do you like most about this program?
  • The fun you have.I love Adventure time i've watched the episode with card wars adn that made me want to download this game.It's really fun!.

  • I really enjoy stradegy and defense games. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure time episode of card wars so I'm hoping that it's as fun as it looks.

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Specially designed for all kinds of fans of the adventures of Finn and Jake, Card Wars - Adventure Time takes the popular game from the homonym chapter of the series into mobile platforms. Developed by Kung Fu Factory, and published for D3 to download on mobile devices, the game features the usual style brought from the original series with the popular characters from the Land of Ooo. The game requires being online for running it on your mobile phone.

If you have ever seen the TV show you may know that there is really very little needed to make a big fuss out of nothing, and so Card Wars is started. Even if it looks just like an innocent card game it is not so simple for Jake, as soon as he wants to be crowned as the cool guy defeating all other guys in the Land of Ooo. Fighting against all kinds of characters like Finn, the Earl of Lemongrab, Princess Bubblegum, lady Raincorn, Ice King and even Marceline the vampire queen has never been as fun up until this moment.

Even if it looks just like an innocent card game it is not so simple for Jake, as soon as he wants to be crowned as the cool guy defeating all other guys in the Land of Ooo

The technical part of Card Wars - Adventure Time is focused mostly on the game board, showing all the creatures we can summon from our hands in a holographic way. The artwork is really similar to what we have watched from the TV show, and that is why this title should be considered a must-have game for all the fans of the series. The characters look incredible in 3D, and the sound aspect resembles those from BMO games in the series that makes it a good title to download.

Nice and colorful on the visual part
Nice and colorful on the visual part

I floop the pig

The game starts putting your field cards on the board. This will determine the kind of creature you can use on that tile, from a corn-based creature to swamp units like the Wandering Bald Man or other troops based on the Adventure Time series. Each creature has basic values such as health points, attack and defense, that are necessary to destroy the enemy’s creatures, and their placement on the board costs magic points that regenerate at the beginning of a turn. Additionally they count with an extra ability, which can only be triggered by flopping the card and making it disable that turn. When you have defeated the creature of a tile you can attack the player’s health points, the main objective of the game.

Unlike other card games, the game flow won’t only depend on the base stats of your creatures; you should have in mind the roulette for each action, both attack and defense. Tapping on the right section of the roulette, that is the green part, you may block most of the damage that you were dealt or even make critical hits depending on the side you get, the attack or the defense, both with different roulette ratios and risks. However you have to take care, since if you fail and fall on the red side you can take full damage and make your attack miss, so timing is important too and taking a risk can be fun.

As you progress through the story, you will be able to get more free cards from different chests, but that is not the only way to get new creatures and buildings, you can also combine two cards to craft a new one. This crafting feature allows you to enhance your personal deck with some weak creatures turned into dangerous units. The bad part comes once you advance on the game and new battles require more and more hearts, which can be bought with gems, the in-app currency. This energy based gameplay sometimes ruins the game, making you wait until you have regenerated enough hearts to play again, or bought online gems in exchange.

Set your creatures and empower them with buildings behind
Set your creatures and empower them with buildings behind

Card Wars - Adventure Time 1.0.2 Features

Check the main features of Card Wars - Adventure Time:

  • Create your own custom decks with magical creatures from the TV show and different hero characters
  • Great gameplay that will need your strategist side to risk your cards, and the best of luck with the tap roulette
  • Meet characters from the original series and fight against the Flame Princess, Finn, BMO, Marceline or Lemongrab
  • Cool graphics with the essence of the show and original stages like the Tree Fort
  • Craft and improve your own cards and get legendary creatures from cool chests defeating people from the Land of Ooo
  • Combine your creatures’ power with spells and buildings for casting ultimo attacks
  • Get the large variety of cards that Jake collects and unleash their terrible powers when flopping them down

For additional details about the app, feel free to visit the series’ website with more mobile content.

A whole land to discover
A whole land to discover

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements for Card Wars - Adventure Time to download:

  • OS: Android 3.2, iOS 6 or later
  • Size: 177MB free space
  • Online connection