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Eredan Arena 1.7.1

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In a world ruled by Amnezy, a vengeful divinity, the heroes have disappeared, kidnapped and forced to fight in everlasting battles for their guilds. Eredan Arena is an online card trading game in which you will find included a deck of 5 of these heroes and compete against other players playing with your smartphone running on iOS or Android system. Created by FEERIK, this free to download app is now available, having being ported from its web-based version to mobile devices.

The variety of characters is really large, and surely you will be able to find your favorite and powerful heroes playing against some users in the multiplayer system

The plot makes an excuse for presenting the always battling heroes, yet for honor or for selfish interests. From samurai warriors and ninjas to magicians and dangerous beasts, all of them are gathered in the Arena. The variety of characters is really large, and surely you will be able to find your favorite and powerful heroes playing against some users in the multiplayer system.

The technical aspect is very simple, without advanced effects, but this part just serves its purpose focusing on the cards and its gameplay system. The sound aspect is nothing remarkable anyway, and it could be better in both music and graphics, but the Eredan Arena compensates for these parts with its gameplay.

Choose your favorite heroes
Choose your favorite heroes


The CCG genre (Collectible Card Game) usually uses the same basic concepts of creatures, energy and enchantments. In this case, Eredan Arena has been designed with completely different mechanics, playing with a deck of only 5 heroes with only 3 of them active. This way you save part of the random concept of drawing cards that you need. Instead of that, in Eredan Arena the attack and card power will depend on the result of the 6 different 4-faced dice. If the result doesn’t fit what you need, you can reroll for another try up to 3 times. These dice rolls give the title some random aspect besides depending on your hopes of making good attack and defense strategies.

You can play both on the attack or the defense side, so it is important to set a good variety for different situations. Each card has some basic attributes such as attack and three different skills besides its own class from warrior to demons. These skills can decide a battle if you play them well, combining different powers at the same time. The card heroes evolve to their definitive forms with great skills.

Addictive battles where strategy and luck combine
Addictive battles where strategy and luck combine

Eredan Arena 1.7.1 Features

Check the main features of this online card trading game:

  • Choose your best 5 heroes in your collection and beat different players from your smartphone online
  • Free-to-play title with in-app purchases in case you want to increase your collection without spending your time fighting against other players
  • Evolve your own heroes up to 3 different levels making them much stronger than before
  • Addictive gameplay that requires a dose of strategy and some luck as well
  • Large variety of available cards and new EX cards added through weekly events without additional content to download

For discovering more about Eredan Arena before getting the download, visit the official website of this app through this link.

System Requirements

Check the specifications for your mobile device to run the online card trading title Eredan Arena:

  • OS: iOS 4.3, Android 2.2 or later
  • Size: 32MB free space for the Android version and 46.2MB for iOS