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solve puzzles and emrge out the best when you play this game

By Kevin Kimaita

On Wednesday, October 29, 2014


When I first downloaded this game I found it complicated to play because some of its puzzles are extremely difficult and they require gurus or else very good gamers to play them. There are also various weapons in this game for example the portal wand that will warp you to another location,fire swords that allows the player to make fire bombs and wooden stick and for you to get this weapons you must get this money from the castle.It has some quite difficult challenges mostly in defeating your enemies I mean you must use your brains really well.But what I like about this game is that once you are used to playing it it becomes easy to complete the puzzles.The stunning graphics makes the game to seem so real and players are even motivated to continue playing the game.


The following are the features of little dew full version

Good and exciting gameplay

2d high definition graphics.

Good soundtrack.


Sharpen your wits when you play this game.


  • the game has a great soryline so one enjoys playing it.
  • the game enhances a player to be creative


  • the game is very hard for first time gamers.




Stranded on an adventure island filled with comical enemies in animal pijamas, caramel pancakes that want to eat you alive, fishbuns based on fishy platypus and old caves to explore, isn't quite the end of the world. Ittle Dude takes the classic adventure 2D games elements such as simple puzzles and exploration for items. Developed by Ludosity to download for all kind of platforms, Ittle Dew takes an original sense of humor and its classic gameplay as its main attractive points.

You are travelling peacefully along with a fairy potion-drunk fox on a raft when you are suddenly shipwrecked on a mysterious island that smells of adventure for you, but trouble for your little companion. With this simple plot, you are ready for exploring the island and discovering characters like Itan Carver in his store or the Jenny Rich Monsteur from whom you take lunch money for buying new weapons and stuff.

The technical aspect of this app title is really charming; with great level designs as well as for the enemies with their own personalities like the lichous turnip, the raging Jenny fox or the mysterious crystal Zorro that challenges our Ittle Dew to a duel. The cartoon 2D graphics shows an outstanding artwork, very similar to Zelda Wind Waker combined with puns and a unique sense of humor.

All kind of items at your disposal
All kind of items at your disposal

How to Play

As a classic adventure, Ittle Dew controls are very simple, but the difficulty comes with advanced puzzles in places such as the master cave, only designed for pro players since it contains really difficult puzzles. In any case, you must know all the weapons to make the most of them like the fire sword that allows you to make fire bombs and wooden sticks, the portal wand that will warp you to another location or the Ice wand for chilling'em all. These weapons are available at the Itan Carver store, but they won’t come free and will need money from the castle.

The game is divided into several dungeons that will require your intelligence for defeating some enemies and getting through different challenges

The game is divided into several dungeons that will require your intelligence for defeating some enemies and getting through different challenges. In case you have no idea of how to solve a puzzle, hitting things will give you clues about how you can open a door, or even there are some advices written on the signs you find on each level. Although the app may seem colorful and simple, it will show you how complicated a 2D title can be.

Boom your way out!
Boom your way out!

Ittle Dew Full Version Features

Check the main features of Ittle Dew in the list below:

  • Astonishing 2D High definition graphics with exceptional hand-drawn artwork
  • Classic adventure gameplay that will require your intelligence for its challenging puzzles
  • Combine all the tools and weapons that you will earn through the story or get from the store in ingenious ways
  • Leaderboards displaying the time that it took to beat the game, specially designed for speedrunners
  • Discover all the secrets like the master cave and collectible trading cards in all kind of chests
  • Unique sense of humor mocking on the classic RPG topics like hearts as health indicator and stealing money from the enemies

For additional content of Ittle Dew before the download, check its official website with part of its soundtrack and comics about the installment.

Don't mess with their spikes

System Requirements

Check the minimum system requirements for Ittle Dew for mobile devices and computers:

  • Operating System: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Mac OSX 10.6, Windows XP or later
  • CPU: 1.5GHz processor or faster
  • Hard Drive: 1GB free HDD space

Specifications to download it for mobile devices:

  • OS: iOS 7, Android 3.2 or later
  • Size: 119MB free space for the app