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DreadOut is an Indonesian horror videogame developed and published by Digital Happiness. It is quite similar to the Project Zero (Fatal Frame) saga in regards to mechanics, but DreadOut has more modern features. Once you download this Indonesian horror game, you will become Linda Meilinda, the protagonist. She and her schoolmates get lost on an excursion and they end up in an abandoned Indonesian village.

Linda Meilinda
Linda Meilinda

Sooner rather than later, they will notice that something strange and sinister is going to happen when they enter in the village, and Linda notices that something mystic is growing within her. This "something mystic" is a spiritual power that will help her and her friends from the unknown forces. By using your technological devices (a phone, a camera...), you will be free to interact with and capture all the ghosts and spirits in your way, and solve the puzzles to escape the city.

In regards to graphics and music, there is nothing special to mention. The graphics look like old games from the PlayStation 2, but this does not mean that the horror factor is lost (bear in mind Resident Evil or Silent Hill first titles' graphics). The soundtrack is almost inexistent, it is composed by a low creepy music and sudden music beats to make you jump.

You can use your camera
You can use your camera

Asian ghosts…What else can you ask for?

The game features first and third person perspective. When you are just walking on the village streets, you will see everything with a third-person perspective. However, if you use your camera or mobile phone, the perspective changes and everything is seen from a first-person view. It is worth mentioning that the level of vision of the environment when using the third-person perspective is quite limited. You will only see a few steps in front of you, which is what makes the game more terrifying. When you use the camera, the vision is improved, and you will see further and clearer, but of course, you will also see all ghosts.

Linda Meilinda and her schoolmates get lost on an excursion and they end up in an abandoned Indonesian village

You will notice if something is haunted when you take a picture of the item. Haunted things disappear when you capture them on your camera. However, there are not only haunted objects, animals and people of the village can be haunted, too. Your camera is your only defense against the spirits you will encounter. In addition, you will have to solve puzzles, too. It is not completely necessary, but it is entertaining and it provides more hours of gameplay. Besides, solving puzzles will enable you to better comprehend the storyline, and all the sub-plots it has.

DreadOut Features

Here you will see the unique features of DreadOut:

  • Asian ghosts (the scariest ghosts ever) will be here to torment you
  • Multiple technological devices to combat all the menaces
  • Interesting gloomy storyline with several sub-plots
  • You can share the photos you take via your social networks
  • Third and First-person perspective
  • Multiplatform game: it has been developed for PC, Mac and Linux

If you are interested in DreadOut and you want to know more information about it before you download it, feel free to visit the official DreadOut website .

System Requirements

The minimum requirements to download DreadOut on your PC are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: @ 2.0 GHz or superior
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X1300, NVidia GeForce 6, GMA X300 VGA or higher
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Drive Space: at least 1 GB free on your PC


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