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Goat Rampage 1.2.0




Goat Rampage is an animal simulator mobile game developed and published by Swift Apps SP. Z O.O. It can be considered as the mobile version of the famous game Goat Simulator, from a different developer. As with the PC videogame, your only purpose in this ridiculous adventure is to be a goat and destroy everything you can destroy with your little horns.

The graphics are not really worth mentioning. The only thing I can say about graphics is that they are not the most important feature of the app, and that they are good enough to avoid the complaints. At least, the developers have made the effort to create a 3D environment, but it has just a few textures, non-brilliant colors, and simple shapes. The music is strange, full of beats of music and is quite electronic. For this reason it offers the perfect accompaniment for Goat Rampage.

Take into account that this simulator videogame is just what it seems; it does not have hidden features nor impressive graphics and music. Visuals are nothing marvelous. The strongest point of Goat Rampage is its simplicity, and the hours of fun that it can provide you with. You can do whatever you want with your goat, and you can spend the time destroying things, jumping or even throwing your goat with a catapult.


Once you start running the app, you can do two things: customize your goat or start playing. If you decide to customize your goat, don't be fooled into thinking that you can fully customize it. Do not think that you can change its size, the size of the horns, the color of the eyes, etc. The only thing you can do is to change the color of your goat, which means the whole color of your goat. If you want a pink goat, you will have a pink goat, but every part of the goat will be the same tone of pink.

Your only purpose in this ridiculous adventure is to be a goat and destroy everything you can destroy with your little horns

Once you have your pink goat, you can start playing. You can choose two different environments: a kind of countryside, with trees and animals, and a kind of storehouse containing lots of boxes. You objective is to destroy as many things as possible by run them over. The more things you run over, the more score you will get. You can also find some transport that you can control such as cars or helicopters. There are also some catapults to throw your goat and make it fly until it crashes into some boxes, or cubes, or something like that.

Goat Rampage 1.2.0 Features

Here you can find the main features of Goat Rampage:

  • Funny gameplay in which you can destroy everything you want
  • 3D Graphics
  • Two different environments to play
  • Ability to drive cars, helicopters and use catapults
  • Touch-based controls: they are very easy to use

If you are interested in Goat Rampage, you can are free to visit this website to know more information about the game before you download it.

System Requirements

To download and play this app on your Android device, the minimum requirements are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later
  • Free Space: 45 Mb available

If you want to download the app to your iOS device, you need the following requirements:

  • Operating System: iOS 6.0 or later
  • Free Space: 48.7 MB available


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