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Hello Hero might not bethe most revolutionary game ever released for smartphones and tablets, but the charming heroes available and the general aspect of the game offer a positive experience for players using mobile devices. Developed by the South Korean company Fincon, the app has been released for iOS and Android systems is available to download for free.

In Hello Hero, you will have to assemble your own team with the most fearsome heroes you find on your journey for preventing the diabolic force to take over the galaxy. Well, fearsome is not the appropriate word for what you will see, from an inexplicable guitar-wielding cactus to powerful demons that will obey your orders. There are more than 250 different heroes with different skills and rarity grades, so it is most likely that you can find your strategy in order to overcome the challenging battles you’ll face during the adventure.

The aspect of the game tends to be very colorful, with super deformed and sympathetic character models. The sound effects are not very remarkable, but they fulfills their duty by giving an overall good impression. The graphics are nice and resemble some classics of the Japanese RPG genre, which undoubtedly is good news for users due to the pleasant look it lends to the game.

Fight against all kind of creatures
Fight against all kind of creatures

How to Play

The main aspect for this kind of games will be always the gameplay. Without a good aspect in this sense, the game won’t make the players feel like they have to be glued to their device for the long hours it will require to complete the whole game. In this sense, Hello Hero features the an usual energy system that differs from other mobile games, and which will require a certain amount of energy to play the following stage. In case you don’t have enough energy left, you will have to wait until it is recovered, or you can purchase in-app items for regenerating energy immediately. The battle gameplay is based on different actions that appear on screen, tapping on the icons to select the attack you want in your turn.

The game’s objective is to gather the best possible heroes, sorted by their rarity from one-star for normal heroes, up to six-star legend heroes. Hello Hero takes the battle strategy mainly from the MMORPG genre, with four classes, healer for healing your partners, dealer for heavy damage, tank for defensive actions and hybrid, which is a combination of different classes. For getting these heroes into your team, you can defeat them in battle, but depending on luck getting them randomly or well fusing your current heroes. You can customize your playable heroes with diabolical weapons and shiny armor you will find in order to gain more strength.

The battle gameplay is based on different actions that appear on screen, tapping on the icons to select the attack you want in your turn

Although it can be considered as a classic turn-based RPG, as we noted before it contains some online elements more appropriated for the MMORPG genre. You can join in multiplayer online battles in the modes Arena and Duel, in order to face other players and check who is the strongest out there. The game contains some in-app elements such as additional cards for getting more heroes, but it can be completed for free.

Go further for protecting the galaxy
Go further for protecting the galaxy

Hello Hero 5.1.4 Features

Check the main features of this RPG game:

  • Save the galaxy against the evil force that threatens the stability of the galaxy
  • Great variety of heroes to play with, and over 250 different for your 4 member party
  • Charming design with colorful graphics and super deformed modeling for the characters
  • Online game mode for challenging your friends like in a MMORPG title
  • Fast-paced turn-based RPG gameplay in which power and strategy are important elements

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System Requirements

Check the minimum resources for downloading Hello Hero on your mobile device:

  • Operating Mobile System: iOS 5.0, Android 2.3 or later
  • Size: 41MB free available space