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If you ever have dreamt of creating your own videogame, but you always panic when you try to run one of these coding programs, now you can be rest assured. Kodu Game Lab offers an intuitive IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in which you can create simple games without having to manage or edit code. When considered as an end-to-end product in which the users can create games by themselves without external help, Kodu is perfect for young students and educators since it will be the first step into programming, both its environment and general functions.

With its straightforward design, Kodu Game Lab incorporates simple commands that enable you to create different kinds of maps for the game genres you want. You can make football games, any kind of sport title, action and even shooters for playing them in your computer running Windows XP onwards or even on your Xbox 360 with its controller.

The main positive point of this program is that you don’t need any previous knowledge about programming thanks to a simple icon-based workflow. Kodu invites you to investigate on your own in order to apply new functionalities to your game and default settings. Try starting with the different projects it includes for fun, using tutorial docs that you can find in the official resources or even download online examples made by other users since these games are redistributable for enjoying on other similar systems.

Explore in adventure titles
Explore in adventure titles

How to Use

You can start using this IDE with an empty project in which you will only have to set the environment of the map and include the different elements that will shape the new game. Kodu Game Lab provides all the tools you need to create your game from the beginning. The application includes by default all kinds of elements you can use in your works, such as trees, so you won’t have to know the whole design process to create your additional decorative elements. Using the tools it incorporates, without any further download, you can create everything you want, from lakes to high mountains in a complete sandbox experience.

Kodu Game Lab provides all the tools you need to create your game from the beginning

The graphic aspect of these games will be very similar since the application does not focus on this aspect, providing a simple yet functional 3D design. Using the technology of DirectX 9.0c (and your creativity), the process of creating a game will be a piece of cake. With fun and enjoyable process avoiding editing code formulas, Kodu applies shader model 2.0 in its graphic engine. The physics are sometimes primitive looking, with a simple collision system, and since you can’t edit these functions the final result can seem childish.

Create environments on your own
Create environments on your own

Kodu Game Lab Features

Here you can check the main features for Kodu Game Lab:

  • Have fun creating free games of different genres thanks the easy way of working
  • Download and share online projects from your friends and check how they have created their own games
  • Choose different control methods like Mouse/keyboard input or Xbox controller
  • Get inspiration from other projects thanks to the tutorial documents published officially
  • Specially designed for learners and educators that want to start working with these kinds of environments
  • Easy interface based on icons in order to introduce actions and characters in your projects

In order to get online tutorial information about the program, be free to check its main website.

Set paths for the elements you include
Set paths for the elements you include

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements for using this software:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Video Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0C
  • HDD space: 197.1MB free space
  • XNA Framework 4.0 previously installed