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Feel like the real Indiana Jones in one of his quests with Spelunky

By Chris Larrage

On Friday, April 25, 2014

Meet our new Indiana Jones hero. Spelunky is a real funny game in which you will have to complete different caves and environments, looking for treasures and saving girls, just like in an action movie from the 90’s. This remade version looks really well, with dynamic light effects, HD graphics and more content for those users that played this game before. Available now for more game systems such as PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360 besides PC, Spelunky takes you to a new difficulty level that resembles those old 16-bit titles with which we could enjoy so much earlier before.

As in any of the new indie games that are now so popular, the feature that really stands out is the gameplay. The variety of situations and the abilities of the main character make this game be a real challenge. The stages are designed more vertically than horizontally, and that is something easy to check since you will need ropes to climb to upper levels. Collect the items you will find but first be aware of the traps set. Avoid poisoned arrows and falling stones before the skeletons and snakes take the lives that are left in your personal account.


  • Funny game and good gameplay
  • It keeps the difficulty level


  • Sometime is may get frustrating




For what are you going to use the program?
  • waste time while im sitting at my desk at work. I think its fun and addictive and it helps the slow days go by faster than watching stupid you tube

What do you like most about this program?
  • I like the idea og being able to play for free that is if this program works, which there i a vast possibility it wont work so i guess ill find out


Spelunky is an action-adventure platform videogame developed by Derek Yu and published by Mossmouth. It can be also classified as a 2D roguelike game. It was launched in 2009 for PC, and thank to its success, it was developed for console platforms and it was improved somwhat. Now, the original version is known as Spelunky Classic, and the new version relies on HD Graphics, new game modes, better visuals and the multiplayer option.

Nevertheless, the basic of the game have been kept. When playing, you will become the spelunker, and adventurer who is armed with a rope, a whip and some bombs, and who is exploring a dark cave full of threats, dangers, but also treasures. All levels are completely destructible, so if you place a bomb, it will burst walls, floors, and everything close to it. Your main goal is simple; you have to gather as much treasure as possible.

As mentioned, the graphics are now HD, and the character are cartoon-like, like if they were drawn by some comic book cartoonist. However, Spelunky was not always this way, it had pixel graphics in the first release. The soundtrack will be played throughout the whole adventure, but it is so cute you will not mute it. What is more, you will enjoy it and you will be humming it the whole day.


Once you download this adventure, you will see that your little spelunker is able to carry out a set number of actions and tasks. His or her main abilities will be to attack, jump and run, but he or she can also stomp, climb and even ledge grab. Physics are not very realistic, so if your character falls, he or she will not suffer any injury, but bear in mind that if the distance to the floor is too great, you will die.

It was launched in 2009 for PC, and thank to its success, it was developed for console platforms and it was improved

However, falls or other environment incidents are not the only thing that can hurt you. Enemies will be your main obstacle during your adventure. As an action spelunker, you can defend yourself. You are free to jump over the enemies, or whip them. You will also have bombs, machetes, web guns, shotguns, and even plasma cannons or magic scepters. You will be collecting all these weapons during your journey and in the shops. Enemies vary on difficulty, animals will be easy to defeat and you can find bats, spiders, and snakes; each one with its own attacks and different sizes. The most difficult to defeat will be the monsters. You can find ghosts, man-eating plants, vampires, mammoths and even yetis and aliens.

Apart from treasures, you will encounter other "stuff" on your way. Several "Damsels in distress" are scattered all over the levels and you must save them. You will might wonder how were they able to reach the cave, but that is a mystery, you only need to know that you must save them. In addition, if you do it successfully, you will be rewarded with health. You can also unlock the damsels as a playable character. It is funny because if you play with the damsel, you will find "Spelunkers in distress" on your way.

Spelunky Full Version Features

Here you can see the outstanding features of Spelunky:

  • Multiple game modes: Deathmatch, Local Co-op
  • 20 playable characters: Some of them are available at first and others must be unlocked
  • Randomly generated levels: You will not play the same level twice
  • Plenty of enemies and obstacles to make your journey much more difficult
  • HD Graphics with cartoon-like characters

If you like Spelunky and you want to know more about it before you download it, feel free to visit the official Spelunky website .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and play Spelunky on your PC are:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later versions
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.8 GHz or better
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce 6100, AMD Radeon 7000 or superior
  • Compatible with DirectX 9
  • Hard Drive Space: 200 MB free