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Indie games are now living their own golden age, mainly thanks to their original settings that set them apart from the common mainstream game companies that use the same formula over and over again. In this case, Hotline Miami is a breath of fresh air to gamers that want a challenge on their computers and game consoles. Developed by Dennaton Games formed by Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin, this title is available only for digital download. In this game, you will play as hard-boiled antihero with an unknown motivation getting rid of different assignments left on your voicemail.

With a peculiar rare story, you play as an unknown man struggling to recover his own identity which seems to be a complete mystery. Waking up without memories in the late 80s and with a personality disorder doesn't seem to be the most appropriate setting for a game, but Hotline Miami plays with this in order to create a confusing story that is one of the main positive points of the whole title.

With a peculiar rare story, you play as an unknown man struggling to recover his own identity which is a complete mystery

About the technical part, the graphics are completely retro style. With a top-down perspective, the game is presented in 2D with 8-bit pixel art, trying to avoid a realistic 3D graphic aspect. Although it may seem not very detailed it is not true, the level of detail of Hotline Miami is something to take into account, and the soundtrack is simply marvelous. In general terms, this is a bloodstained title, with simple animations of all the characters and smart multi-level design of the unmistakable Miami underground.

Clean the stage of enemies on your own way
Clean the stage of enemies on your own way

How to play

The premise Hotline Miami is really simple; take all your enemies down. You play as Jacket, a man who hides his face with different masks in order to fulfill the missions with which you are commanded from your home’s voicemail. The gameplay is something original, since the game is over once you get a single hit from an enemy, which makes you think before acting to take them all without failing in the process.

There are different kinds of weapons, from melée ones such as baseball bats to katanas and fire weapons such as guns, machine guns and shotguns. All of these can be thrown at your target with different results, from knocking them out to eliminating them. Additionally, the doors of each room can be used as a strategic element since you can hide or hit with them before the Russian mafia spots you.

One point in your favor is that the different masks give you additional abilities such as deadly fists, deadly door hits or friendly enemy dogs in order not to get attacked. Besides, the game has unlockable content and secrets that increase the duration of the game title. Deploy your tactical virtues using all the elements at your disposal, which enhances the gameplay. Through the different levels, you will find letters for the game’s puzzle. This puzzle will unlock the real ending of Hotline Miami once you get into the final stage.

Allies are always a good option
Allies are always a good option

Hotline Miami Full Version Features

Check the list below of the main features of Hotline Miami:

  • Addictive gameplay with a really useful gunplay in which you need your best to complete the whole story
  • Different and surreal animal masks that grant skills for your missions depending on which mask you use
  • Discover the secrets placed throughout the levels and unlock even more content depending on your score
  • Compete against your friends in the leaderboards and get all the achievements
  • Get over the 20 multi-level maps eliminating all your enemies on your path
  • Melée and fire weapons available through the different heart-stopping levels fighting against all kinds of weird bosses and mafia members
  • Solve the secret puzzle to get to the real ending
  • Available to download for different systems such as PC, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita

For additional details about Hotline Miami, be free to check its official site through this link.

System Requirements

Check the minimum specifications for Miami Hotline:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Mac OSX 10.6 or Linux
  • Processor: varies with the OS (1.2GHz for Windows, 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo for Mac and 1.8GHz dual core for Linux)
  • Memory: 512MB RAM (1GB for Mac)
  • HDD Space: 250MB free space (130MB free space to download for Mac)


Put your mask on, you have some work to do

By Chris Larrage

On Monday, April 28, 2014

The first impression when I took a look at the game was strange. The graphics are not as good as it should be for a game released in these days, but once you put your hands on the Hotline Miami you know that the game offers more than it seems. Far aside from what it looks, the game has a strategy point in each of your actions, since you can’t go around the stage guns blazing without a plan. The good point of Hotline Miami is that you can use any element of the stage for your benefit, from door for covering against enemies’ shots to possible weapons lying on the floor.

The gameplay offers a reinvention of the action genre. Each weapon possesses unique features that can be used depending on the situation. I found that it is better to go silent throwing knives before you get detected, than just shooting and alerting a big number of enemies. The story plot is really strange, but it finally makes some sense when you find all the secrets of the game that will give you the real ending of the game. Enjoy a different game with a retro aspect for both computer and game consoles.


  • Strategy combined with action gameplay
  • Charming OST with some great tracks
  • Lots of secrets to discover


  • Those who want realistic graphics will be disappointed